About AdTraffic

We’re an information and technology firm dedicated to develop and provide our customers with state of the art technology solutions made to specifically fit their website traffic needs. We can send you real users to your website 24/7 all year!

AdTraffic.us founded in 2005 is a firm dedicated to the development of state of the art software and internet technologies, lead by our founder Andree Ochoa this firm is among your best options for all your internet traffic needs, Andree Ochoa is DomainCart.com current CEO and Founder, he also has participation on other ventures.

AdTraffic.us is a current member of the Latin American Agents Association and is committed to help insurance agents in their path to the internet era.

Thorough the years we have participated in various projects for many, many privately owned businesses, corporations, and government entities in the United States, Mexico and other countries. This has been done with the help and dedication of our highly trained staff.

We are committed to help you and your company on your path to success “What’s good for You, is good for Us”.